Can more than 20 animated films and summer movies highlight the encirclement of domestic animation?

  Beijing, July 16th (Yuan Xiuyue, Wang Xinyue), the client of Zhongxin. com, is different from last year’s summer file explosions, and the biggest winner of this year’s summer file will be animated movies. The reporter combed and found that this summer’s summer file gathered more than 20 animated films at home and abroad. At present, half of the top ten films at the box office are animated films.

  Then, under the encirclement of Spirited Away’s overseas animation such as The Lion King, Pet Secret 2 and Toy Story 4, can domestic animation stand out from the encirclement?

  The Lion King broke 400 million at the box office.

  The recent movie box office may explain the truth that there are still a few people who will pay for their feelings. Miyazaki Hayao’s Spirited Away was re-released in less than a month, with a box office of nearly 500 million. The live-action version of "The Lion King" was released for 5 days, and the box office exceeded 400 million. According to the forecast of Cat’s Eye Movie Professional Edition, the final box office of The Lion King may be nearly 1 billion.

  If Spirited Away’s box office is that the audience "makes up for the movie tickets that have been owed for many years", then The Lion King is a reconstruction of memories.

  The plot and music have not changed, but as Disney’s biggest emotional card, The Lion King has attracted many people to revisit it.

  Some people also commented that the short board of the live-action version just can’t be as unconstrained and imaginative as animation. It is also considered that the performance of fake animals is not rich enough, "facial paralysis." Some people make fun of it, and Zhao Zhongxiang’s dubbing is the "animal world".

  At present, the douban score of the live-action version of The Lion King is 7.5, which is much worse than the animated version of 9.0. However, it is not bad among several Disney animated films imported from China, second only to Fantasy Forest and Aladdin (7.8 points).

  After the Spring Festival in 2019, a Disney animated film will be released every other month. From Dumbo in March to Aladdin in May to The Lion King in July, there is the official Little Mermaid by Mulan. Disney’s plan to shoot a live-action version is in full swing, but at present, it seems that relying on IP is not easy.

  Two Hollywood classic IPS are both cold.

  Another recent American animated film, Pet Secret 2, is no better than its predecessor, with a box office of only 70 million yuan in the first week and only 130 million yuan at present.

  In 2016, this film, created by the original cast of Despicable Me, won 389 million box office in China, and also won the most profitable movie in Hollywood that year. It tells the story of pets fighting with each other when their owners are not at home.

  As a film that focuses on "selling cute", the narrative line of "Pet Secret 2" is more complicated, but it is not lacking in entertainment. Many people evaluate it as cute and interesting. However, some people think that the plot is young and old-fashioned, and it is not as good as the first one.

  It is not easy to "sell cute", and it is even harder to sell new ideas. When The Secret Life of Pets was released, some people once called it an animal version of Toy Story. This summer, the results of Toy Story 4 were not satisfactory.

  As a sequel, Toy Story 4 was produced with great care. It regrouped classic dubbing lineups such as Tom Hanks and tim allen, and 100,000 people scored 8.8 points in Douban. Some people commented that Toy Story 4 drew a satisfactory conclusion for this series.

  However, unlike the popularity of the North American market, the film earned only 199 million yuan at the domestic box office. Some people think that this is because the release schedule hit Spirited Away. Some experts also commented that the series of movies are easy to make the audience feel aesthetic fatigue.

  The two Hollywood classic IPS are both cold. It seems that it is no longer tried and tested to "lean on" IP and "hold" the box office.

  Nezha vs. Full-time Master

  In the summer of 2015, "The Return of the Great Sage of Journey to the West" emerged as a dark horse, relying on the word-of-mouth fermentation of "tap water" and made a box office of 956 million. Some people called it a phenomenal work of domestic animation in the past 10 years.

  More importantly, it broke the stereotype of domestic animation "being young". After that, some good works appeared in domestic animation, such as Big Fish Begonia, Great Protector, White Snake Origin and so on, but none of them can become phenomenal works.

  Recently, several domestic animation "Seed Players" will be released soon, including Ne Zha’s "The Peak Glory of Full-time Masters", "Future Machine City" and "The Battle of Luo Xiaohei".

  Similar to The Return of the Great Sage, Ne Zha also draws on the traditional stories of China. However, its adaptation is bolder. Nezha Jr. wears dark circles and has a perverse image.

  In the movie, Nezha is not a young hero, but "born as a demon", but has a heart to be a hero. Only by struggling with fate can you become a hero. Jiaozi, the director, once said that the theme of the film is "Breaking stereotypes and reversing fate". Recently, the film opened the first round of screening, almost full, and won a lot of praise.

  Its most direct competitor is The Peak Glory of Full-time Masters, which is adapted from Internet IP. The film tells the story of Ye Xiu, a professional e-sports player with a great god level, leading the team to overcome difficulties and reach the peak of glory.

  Although it is not as popular as Nezha’s "national IP", there are novels and cartoons ahead, and more than 160,000 people still mark them as "want to read".

  It is worth mentioning that there will be fresh faces in the summer file, such as Future Machine City, which was bought by Netflix for overseas distribution rights, and the big movie Luo Xiaohei, a high-scoring animated short film.

  Japanese national IP accompanies China animation market.

  In recent years, Japanese animated films have been in a state of accompanying running in China. Except for "Your Name" in Makoto Shinkai, which has a box office of 570 million, and nearly 500 million in Spirited Away, the rest are carnivals of a few people in China, which failed to continue its box office miracle in Japan.

  The Night of Destiny — — The Cup of Heaven II: Butterfly of Destiny was released for 5 days, with a box office of over 25 million and a douban score of 7.9. The film is based on the third story line in the Japanese adventure game Night of Destiny, which is called the top IP of ACG (animation) circle.

  However, some people have commented that this film is very unfriendly to ordinary audiences. If you don’t understand the world view and story line of this series, I’m afraid you won’t understand it.

  Another Japanese "God-class" IP "Game Life Zero" will soon be released in China. The film is adapted from the light novel of the same name written by Mimiya You. It tells the story that six thousand years ago, for the hope of human survival, Hubby, a girl from Kikai, joined hands with human leader Ke to launch the battle of "love". As early as two years ago, the film was released in Japan and performed well at the box office.

  In addition, cartoons for young children are still an indispensable part of the summer file, and "Sail 7: Crazy Machine City" and "GG Bond: The Incredible World" all arrive as scheduled. Last year, the movie "Sail 6" exceeded 100 million at the box office, and "GG Bond: The Incredible World" was recently released, with a box office of 30 million. (End)

Xiaomi SU7 21.59, Lei Jun became the man who lifted the table.

Original taoran AI lanmeihui

Author | Tao Ran Wei Xiao

Finally, with the familiar Xiaomi BGM ringing, Lei Jun in a suit and tie went to the center of the stage of Xiaomi SU7 conference.

In the audience, the front row are the heads of five automobile companies-Li Bin, He Xiaopeng, Li Xiang, Wei Jianjun and Zhang Jianyong.

Of course, there is also the concern of the rim and even the whole network-the three-year period has arrived, and Lei Jun has to hand in his homework.

The highlight is that everyone guessed the price for several months: Xiaomi SU7 standard version is 215,900 yuan, PRO version is 245,900 yuan, and MAX version is 299,900 yuan.

The audience exclaimed.

However, Lei Jun is still a little careful. He made so many preparations in the early stage and asked everyone to spray lightly if they have any opinions.

The logic of benchmarking with Tesla Model 3 and Porsche Taycan is very millet and honest.

Insufficient places, do not shy away. But at the same time, I am very confident. When talking about core competitiveness such as intelligent ecology and other higher configuration performance, the platform shouted "far ahead" and then quickly "floated, floated".

However, the sales data undoubtedly gave Xiaomi and Lei Jun a shot in the arm: only 27 minutes after the sale, Xiaomi SU 7 has exceeded 50,000 units.

Lei Jun is still the Lei Jun who lived up to expectations.

After the release of SU7, his last venture also entered a new chapter.

It is certainly difficult to achieve the goal that Xiaomi Automobile will hit the top five global car companies in 15-20 years, but Lei Jun has already taken the first step.

And this first step is a long-lost bombing of the car circle.

Lift the table

Lei Jun was very straightforward on the stage: Xiaomi SU7 was made according to Tesla Model 3.

But in fact, it only includes the standard version and the Pro version: the former configuration is basically the same as the Tesla Model 3 rear-drive version, but the price of 215,900 is 30,000 lower than that of Tesla (245,900), and the parameters of the latter are almost all-round. Rolling the rear-drive Model 3, the price is completely equal to it.

As for the Xiaomi SU7 Max version with a price of 299,900 yuan, Lei Jun said that he wanted to target Porsche Taycan and "leapfrog the benchmark".

Without the 300,000+previously speculated, after the momentum of the rim rushing to lift the millet table passed, Lei Jun used a set of pricing of 21.59-29.99 to lift the biggest one.

In the series of "Lei Jun answers questions from netizens" released some time ago, the top leader of Xiaomi Automobile said that he is a Tesla owner and a Porsche owner, and called the two car companies "time benchmarks" in the history of electric vehicles and sports cars.

However, he also stressed that if Xiaomi wants to build a car, it must be compared with these best car factories in the world: "There must be some places where they do well, and some places where we do well."

Today’s press conference, after pricing and configuration overwhelmed Model 3, Lei Jun mentioned Porsche and once again stressed that dare to compete is to win, and it will definitely surpass it in the future.

Very excited and confident.

Xiaomi SU7 is positioned as a "pure electric luxury car", and Lei Jun’s goal is to become "the best looking, best driving and most intelligent car within 500,000". In addition to Model 3 on PPT, there are actually P7 from Tucki and ET5 from Weilai.

Judging from the official pricing, the current dealer quotation of the latest Model 3 is 245,900-285,900, with 245,900 rear drives and 285,900 long-life four-wheel drives. The price ranges of Tucki P7 and Weilai ET5 are 20.99-339,900 and 298-356,000 respectively, which are almost overlapping.

As for the configuration and performance, as Lei Jun said, it is far ahead-taking the comparison between the new version of Model 3 and the standard version of SU7 as an example, in terms of performance, Model 3 has an acceleration of 6.1s, a peak power of 194kW, a total torque of 340N·m, and a pure electric cruising range of CLTC of 713km. The four data of Xiaomi SU 7 standard edition are 5.28s, 220kW, 400N·m and 700km, which are almost completely beyond the parameter level.

The only two shortcomings that have been circled are: first, the power consumption of 100 kilometers, Xiaomi’s 12.3kWh/100Km lags behind Tesla’s 11.3kWh/100Km, but Lei Jun said that the SU7 battery is bigger and the cruising range is longer when actually used; The other is intelligent driving and computing power, which Tesla leads by a wide margin, but Lei Jun thinks that Xiaomi’s intelligent driving system will be more suitable for the drivers’ physique in China and the domestic road system.

Obviously, Lei Jun is well prepared for the pure electric car market in the range of 200,000-300,000. Just, I don’t know how He Xiaopeng and Li Bin sitting in the audience feel now, where is the way out for P7 and ET5, and how to play the next generation products.

And, Musk on the other side of the ocean will take a look at Xiaomi SU7 with the time difference.

Create another millet

With the release of SU7, Xiaomi also officially entered the new energy track.

The role of Lei Jun has also changed significantly. It used to be Reebs, but now it is Reske. Looking around the world, only Lei Jun has managed to personally grasp the two mainstream smart consumer goods "mobile phone" and "car".

There are no tricks in the process.

In three years, 3,400 engineers spent more than 10 billion yuan on research and development, and of course, the model worker Lei Jun went all out.

The financial report shows that in 2023, Xiaomi invested as much as 19.1 billion in research and development, and it is expected to reach 24 billion in 2024. In innovative businesses such as automobiles, Xiaomi invested 6.7 billion yuan last year. In the words of Lei Jun, he used real money to express his attitude of seriously building cars.

Yes, only by building a car seriously can we get admission tickets. Lei Jun has a clear understanding of this.

Now that Xiaomi Automobile has officially entered the market, Xiaomi has formed a pattern of two-wheel development of the original Xiaomi basic disk and Xiaomi Automobile.

For Xiaomi, this is a brand-new stage of development, and it can even be said that it is an opportunity to recreate a millet.

More than a decade ago, Lei Jun stood on the cusp of smart phones and built a millet with a market value of 100 billion. In the new decade, Lei Jun has put all his accumulated achievements and reputation in life to catch up with the new energy vehicles.

This is Lei Jun’s last venture, and the imagination space is also on the scale of 100 billion.

There are opportunities as well as challenges, depending on whether Xiaomi SU7 can make the first shot.

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Xiaomi SU7, do you have a crush?

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"Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition" Brazil’s first show was full of surprises.

Dutch brother, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jacob Bartrand laughed heartily.

The main creative team of the film Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition, jointly produced by American Columbia Pictures and Marvel Pictures, recently appeared at CCXP in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Actors Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jacob Bartrand attended the event. There was not only close interaction between the main creator and the fans, but also a number of movie materials were released. The new version of Spider-Man’s battle dress was cool and exquisite, and the first trailer was full of material. During the trip to Brazil, the filmmakers were full of sincerity.

Dutch brother, Jake Gyllenhaal and Jacob Bartrand danced live.

Spider-Man’s surprise at the comic exhibition continued, and Dutch brother’s impromptu dance smashed the audience.

The movie Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition recently appeared in the Comic-Con in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This time, the official sent three important roles-Tom Holland, the new version of Spider-Man, Jake Gyllenhaal, the secret guest, and Jacob Bartrand, Spider-Man’s friend Ned. The three leading actors interacted closely with fans at the press conference, and performed an impromptu dance with the famous song September by the famous band Earth, wind&fire, and the atmosphere was instantly ignited.

It is worth mentioning that Tom Holland released a selfie video during the exhibition. At the end of the video, he actually caught Jake Gyllenhaal practicing Spider-Man’s spinning, as if he was playing a spider but was discovered by the owner. Tom froze for a few seconds, then smiled smugly, while Jake Gyllenhaal on the other side closed the door awkwardly. Jake Gyllenhaal is a well-known movie star in Hollywood. He has starred in many blockbusters, including Brokeback Mountain and Source Code. In Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition, he will play the mysterious guest in Spider-Man’s sworn enemy "The Evil Six".

Spider-Man new battle suit

Heavy notice, on-site release of new battle clothes, surprise appearance

In addition to the interaction of the creative team, the film also released two new versions of Spider-Man battle clothes. The first edition is a classic red and blue color matching suit, which is more refined and slim than the first one, and the color tone is darker than the original one, which looks more mature. The other version of the black suit, known as the "stealth suit", is dark and equipped with a pair of special glasses. The most surprising thing is that the suit is wearing a S.H.I.E.L.D. badge, and the identity of Spider in the second part is expected.

In addition to two new battle suits, the first trailer carried a lot of shocking materials and was released. In the trailer, Spider and his classmates came to Europe to play along the Venice Canal. However, the good times did not last long. European cities were suddenly attacked, and Spider-Man stepped forward again. The live fans responded enthusiastically after watching it. It is reported that the new version of the preview will be released globally next week, and the mystery of Spider-Man: Heroic Expedition will be officially unveiled.

Dutch brother and Jacob Bartrand made a surprise appearance.

Spider-Man: The Heroic Expedition is directed by Jon Watts and co-starred by Tom Holland (Spider-Man: The Return of Heroes, Captain America: Civil War), michael keaton (Focus, Bird Man), Jake Gyllenhaal (Source Code, Brokeback Mountain), samuel jackson (Pulp Fiction, Inglourious Basterds) and Zandaya. The film will be held on July 5, 2019.

Beijing Winter Olympics Regular Press Conference The audience share of this Winter Olympics reached a record high.

Cctv news(News Network): Today (February 16th), the main media center of Beijing Winter Olympics held the 12th regular press conference during the Games-time period, and answered questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on issues such as "broadcast and digital media data".

According to reports, the audience share of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics has surpassed previous Winter Olympics. In addition to traditional media reports such as TV, online platforms have also carried out ultra-large-scale live broadcasts, and the live broadcast of digital media has reached a record high.

According to the press conference, the Beijing Winter Olympics will enter the second half, and then the Beijing Winter Paralympics will be ushered in. At present, the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee are progressing steadily.

The 2022 Beijing Press Center also held a special press conference today to introduce the situation of the Science and Technology Winter Olympics.

[See you at 8: 00] Nanjing bus caught fire: passengers put batteries in their backpacks.

  Cctv newsAt 8 o’clock every day, CCTV will sort out the big and small things that happened around us within 24 hours.

  The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport once again issued a subsidy of 135 million yuan for highway emergency rush.

  The central bank and other three departments: increase the lending and adjust and optimize the real estate credit policy.

  Embassy of China in Algeria: A vicious robbery against overseas Chinese enterprises occurred in Algeria, and solemn representations have been made to Albania.

  On the 21st, China successfully launched the Gaofen No.12 04 star at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center.

  Yunnan Forestry and Grass Bureau: The overseas yellow-ridged bamboo locust moved into the country, and the damage of 3,000 mu of forest land in Yunnan was mainly mild, which has not yet caused disasters.

  Dalian Maritime Safety Administration issued a navigation warning: From August 20 to August 27, some areas in the northern part of the Bohai Strait and the Yellow Sea were on military missions and were prohibited from entering.

  China’s first self-operated exploration and development of 1,500m deep-water gas field "Deep Sea No.1" completed the first ultra-deep-water pipeline cleaning operation.

  Isabel crook, winner of People’s Republic of China (PRC) Friendship Medal and pioneer of English teaching in New China, died in Beijing on 20th at the age of 108.

  Ukrainian President Zelensky: Seven people were killed and 137 injured when the city of Chernigov was attacked by missiles.

  Russian media: Due to the influence of Ukrainian drones, two major airports in Moscow, Russia were temporarily closed, prohibiting aircraft from taking off and landing. It has now returned to normal.

  Russia’s "Moon -25" probe was abnormal, and the Russian National Aerospace Group said it had lost contact. Previously, the probe planned to make a soft landing at the South Pole of the Moon on the 21st, and it is expected to become the first probe to land at the South Pole of the Moon in human history.

  The military leaders of the coup in Niger severely warned the ECOWAS military intervention plan in Nigeria.

  Korean media: President Yin Xiyue sent a message on Twitter account, expressing his hope to host the next Korea-US-Japan summit.

  Online celebrity, South Korea, was sentenced to one and a half years in prison for going to Ukraine to participate in the war despite the government’s ban. Judge: Adding a burden to the country.

  In the final of the 2023 Women’s World Cup held in Sydney, Australia, Spain beat England 1-0 and won the Women’s World Cup for the first time.

  Nanjing Jiangbei New District: A bus caught fire, causing 2 deaths and 5 injuries, because the lithium battery carried by passengers spontaneously ignited.

  Yunnan police informed that "a 26-year-old man drove an off-road vehicle and collided with multiple cars": Seven people were injured, and the suspect had a history of mental illness and had been detained.

  When a passenger boarded the plane, he threatened that there was a bomb on the plane, and the flight was forced to clear the cabin for three hours. Police: There was no bomb, and the passenger involved was under investigation.

  A tourist in Taojiang, Hunan Province was sucked into the drain of the water park and died. At present, the scenic spot has been suspended.

  The railway department responded that "a train in Benxi, Liaoning Province was blocked at the railway crossing, causing passers-by to turn over the train": the local enterprise special line equipment failed, and the railway crossing resumed normal traffic after the failure was restored that day.

  After 00, the young man turned into a world champion. After winning a prize of 100,000 yuan in the village, he donated 60,000 yuan to the elderly canteen in the village on the spot.

  Recently, four minors in Guangxi were suspected of being abducted by 16-year-old fellow villagers to the North Myanmar Internet Fraud Park. At present, the Yulin police in Guangxi have filed a case.

  Whether children cry or make noise depends on whether parents do something. There is no original sin in taking children out. Even if you meet someone who doesn’t understand, just have a good exchange and negotiation and be kind. If you encounter such unreasonable passengers, parents can also ask the flight attendants to handle them, and there is no need to argue about winning or losing.

  — — Extremely eye-catching news "Extremely eye-catching review | One-year-old children crying on high-speed rail are asked by women to shut up, and strong people will not be supported."

  On August 20, 2023, Aba, Sichuan, the scenery of Shenxianchi scenic spot. Located in Zhangzha Town and Dalu Township of Jiuzhaigou County, Shenxianchi Scenic Area is picturesque and attracts many tourists for sightseeing.

  On August 19, 2023, local time, the mountain fire in British Columbia, Canada continued to spread. Affected by mountain fires, British Columbia has declared a state of emergency in the province. At present, 35,000 people in the province have received evacuation orders, and another 30,000 people have received warnings to prepare for evacuation.

  On August 20th, Beijing time, UFC292 started in Boston, USA. After five rounds of fighting, Zhang Weili of China defeated Amanda Lemos of Brazil 288∶21 with absolute advantage, and successfully defended the women’s lawn weight gold belt.

  After winning, Zhang Weili shouted at the scene: I amZhang Weili! I’m from China!

  See you at 8 o’clock tomorrow!

  Editor in charge: Guo Qian Luo Meng

  Editor: Yang Wenjun Su Danghui

How big is the gap between the video number and Tik Tok?

After the vibrato burst into flames, the importance of the video number of WeChat in the interior also soared, asking for money, giving money and resources to resources. But up to today, there is still a big gap between the two: it is estimated that the gap between the video number and Tik Tok is between 3.3 times and 6.6 times. The second half of Touteng War will still be very exciting, please move the small bench ~

There is no doubt that video number, as a rising star, has already become one of the top three short video tracks in China after several years of catching up.

However, it is difficult for the industry to give a comprehensive and accurate data on how far the video number has developed and how far it is from Tik Tok.

The direct reason behind this is that WeChat is only a business group of Tencent, a listed company, and the video number is only a sub-product of WeChat, so there is no obligation to publicly disclose detailed data in the financial report. In addition, unlike independent apps, video is only a function of WeChat, which also makes it more difficult for third-party data monitoring.

Similarly, as the leader of short video industry, Tik Tok is also a non-listed company at present, so it is difficult for us to see the whole picture of Tik Tok data.

However, this does not mean that the video number and Tik Tok are completely two data black boxes. We can still make reasonable guesses from the limited public data at present, and then draw some meaningful conclusions-

In the business world, absolute data is important, while at other times, relative data is just as important or even more important.

Let’s take a look at two important absolute data of the video number-according to Tencent’s financial report and conference call, the advertising revenue of the video number Q2 in 2023 is 3 billion, and at the same time, the current advertising adsload of the video number is less than 3%.

Let’s look at some data from Tik Tok-

According to The Information, ByteDance’s Q2 revenue in 2023 was $29 billion, of which 20% came from overseas.

I think this data is relatively credible. On the one hand, The Information has disclosed the revenue of Byte many times before, including the revenue of Byte China of $69 billion last year, etc. These data are basically recognized and quoted by the industry.

On the other hand, if the data gap is large or untrue, bytes will jump out to refute or clarify. (For example, regarding the data of e-commerce GMV in 2022, bytes have been specifically denied. )

OK, based on the above data, we can actually make some relatively reasonable calculations-

Byte Q2 earned $29 billion, 20% of which came from overseas, that is, 80% came from China, and the domestic income was $23.2 billion.

Note: This $23.2 billion does not mean that it is all advertising revenue from Tik Tok. Only Tik Tok, a single product, also involves live broadcast revenue and e-commerce fee income (different from e-commerce advertising revenue).

In addition, Byte also has the income from a series of other businesses, such as today’s headlines, car owners, watermelon videos, tomato novels, flying books, games, Volcano Engine and so on. (You know, in 2017, when Tik Tok was just born, today’s headline income was as high as 15 billion)

So what is the proportion of advertising revenue in Tik Tok’s total domestic revenue?

This is a mysterious data, but fortunately, we also have some reference objects. Let’s take a look at the income composition of Aauto Quicker, a short video track listed company.

According to Aauto Quicker’s Q2 financial report this year, in Aauto Quicker’s income structure, advertising revenue accounts for 52.5%, live broadcast revenue accounts for 34.7%, and other income (including e-commerce) accounts for 12.6%;

Of course, we can’t directly use the proportion data of Aauto Quicker, because there is still a big difference between Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker.

Compared with Aauto Quicker, which started with the realization of live broadcast, Byte has been engaged in advertising business since 2013, and has formed a set of extremely strong tactics in advertising algorithm, product, operation and sales, so the proportion of natural advertising revenue will be higher. After all, live broadcast and e-commerce are the businesses that come later. (Although the fast-growing e-commerce GMV has surpassed Aauto Quicker)

I take Aauto Quicker as an example to illustrate that the revenue of Bytes is not all from advertising in Tik Tok. Compared with the early advertising revenue in ByteDance, which accounted for more than 90%, the proportion of advertising has dropped significantly now.

Therefore, when we estimate the advertising revenue, we need to make a discount. Considering the advantages of Byte in advertising and the existence of other huge business lines, we roughly give this discount a 60% discount.

At this time, we can calculate the income of Tik Tok’s advertising business-29 billion * 80% * 60% = 13.9 billion US dollars, or 99.5 billion RMB.

The reason why we have to calculate the advertising revenue of Tik Tok is because we have to compare it horizontally with the advertising revenue of the video number in the same period-

The revenue of video number Q2 this year is 3 billion, and the estimated revenue of Tik Tok Q2 advertising this year is 99.5 billion, which is 33 times.

Does this mean that the gap between video number and Tik Tok in user data is 33 times?

Of course not. We also have to consider two factors: the advertisement loading rate Adsload and the advertisement unit price ECPM.

Obviously, there are many advertisements in Tik Tok, but there are few advertisements for video numbers. According to the data disclosed by Tencent at present, the adsload of video numbers is less than 3%.

So, what is the advertising Adsload in Tik Tok?

This is also a mysterious data.

But we can still reasonably guess—

James Mitchell, chief strategy officer of Tencent, said: the competitor’s adsload exceeds 10%, and this competitor naturally includes Tik Tok;

According to a research report of Huachuang Securities, Tik Tok’s Adsload in 2019 has exceeded 12%;

In addition, according to the daily sense of body, it is very common for Tik Tok to insert five videos into one advertisement, which does not include the content-heated advertising product of Dou+ without advertising logo, and it is already 20% for five videos to insert one advertisement.

In fact, the advertisement Adsload of a product itself is not static, and it will be dynamically adjusted according to many factors such as supply and demand, time nodes and so on.

Based on the above data and some three-party calculations in the industry, we take Tik Tok’s Adsload as 15%;

At this time, we can work out the difference of the service volume of the video number on the user side, that is, the volume relationship between them needs to be divided by the multiple of their Adsload on the basis of the revenue multiple, that is, the above 33 times need to be divided by 5, which equals 6.6 times, that is, the current broadcast volume of the video number has a greater probability of being 6.6 times that of Tik Tok.

Of course, strictly speaking, this caliber is not entirely the amount of play, which can be roughly understood as the number of times the video information stream is refreshed, that is, the space for inserting advertisements.

Compared with the fuzzy process indicators such as daily activity, duration and duration of a single video, the total broadcast volume directly calculated above is obviously more meaningful. After all, the process indicators ultimately serve the result indicators.

It must be noted that our calculation is still rough, because there is a hidden assumption-the advertising unit price ECPM of video number and Tik Tok is the same;

This assumption and premise itself also have enough room for discussion-

In essence, ECPM reflects the efficiency of advertising.

In fact, the competition between Byte’s huge engine and Tencent’s advertisement in the whole advertising market is an extremely wonderful comprehensive combat of China Internet.

In the past few years, the two have competed in technology, products, operation, market, sales and ecology, and the two sides have come back and forth in the constant game;

Objectively speaking, after a long-term struggle, Tencent’s technical level, professionalism and comprehensive strength have reached the level of the first echelon in the Internet advertising industry, not only at home but also at the international level.

Of course, the overall efficiency of Byte advertising system is one of the best at present because of its relative advantages in algorithm and crowd level objectively. Many advertising agencies told me that in most cases, the ECPM of effect advertising Tik Tok is indeed higher than other advertising platforms.

I heard an unconfirmed data in the industry is that the advertising ECPM in Tik Tok is twice as high as that in Aauto Quicker. (Again, this data is unconfirmed)

I have every reason to believe that Tencent’s advertising, which has been deeply rooted in efficiency for a long time, will not have a gap of twice as large as that of Tik Tok. If we take twice as the lower limit, the ECPM of the two will be equal and twice.

Then according to the above calculation, the most important conclusion of this paper comes-The difference between the video number and Tik Tok is estimated to be between 3.3 times and 6.6 times.

OK, so the question is coming-how about the video number?

In my opinion, this is undoubtedly an excellent performance.

You know, according to Tencent’s latest financial report, the number of Q3 video numbers has surged by 50% this year, while the total duration of Q2 video numbers has nearly doubled this year.

That is to say, the video number is still growing at a high speed, which means that the gap of 3.3-6.6 times will continue to narrow in the context of the objective slowdown of Tik Tok’s growth momentum.

As a late-developing product, as the only remaining fruit after Tencent’s various short video products held high and played high, and as the "hope of the whole village", the video number achieved this order of magnitude in less than four years under the difficult background that the industry generally believed that the pattern had been set, and abruptly completed the task of playing the short video table.

Zhang Xiaolong and his WeChat team once again proved their strong strength as a latecomer, and the depth of Tencent’s bench was also vividly displayed in this campaign.

Going to the table doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. Sustainable growth is the eternal theme of this infinite game. How will the video number cope with the competition at the table?

I noticed that in the conference call of Tencent Q3, Tencent talked about the following four logics when explaining the future potential of video number-

  1. Growth of traffic:This means that the data on the user side is still growing. According to the financial report, the total duration of Q2 video number nearly doubled year-on-year, and the number of Q3 plays increased by 50% year-on-year.
  2. Promotion of advertising Adsload;This means that the current Adsload of video number is indeed lower than that of competitors;
  3. The increase of click-through rate of AI-blessed advertisements;This means that the big model is used in advertising algorithms. For example, Tencent’s mixed-element big model was originally built for advertising.
  4. Closed-loop opportunities:This refers to the internal circulation growth space including enterprise WeChat, applet, payment and e-commerce.

From a logical point of view, there is nothing wrong with these four angles, but what I want to say is that there is actually a big logic in the opposite direction behind these four small logics, that is, the overall scale of Internet advertising-

According to Questmobile’s data, the total scale of domestic Internet advertising market will increase by 4% in 2022, and only by 2.3% in Q1 2023.

In view of the current economic situation, the Internet advertising market has objectively bid farewell to high-speed growth, and will enter the new normal of micro-growth.

At the same time, the substitution effect of short video advertisements preempting other types of advertisements is also disappearing. According to Questmobile’s data, the market share of short video advertisements has stabilized in the past year.

Under this premise, the increase of user-side growth, Adsload, click-through rate and closed loop mentioned by Tencent will certainly increase advertising revenue, but the increase of total supply and the constant total demand mean that this increase ratio will be discounted.

Simply put, your advertising volume will increase by 50%, and your advertising revenue will inevitably not increase by 50%, which is an important supplementary factor that restricts the imagination of video number revenue.

Indeed, personal struggle is very important, but we must also take into account the historical process.

Therefore, for the video number, the internal circulation revenue it emphasizes becomes quite important. The strong rise of e-commerce in Tik Tok and the simultaneous surge of advertising revenue fully prove the strategic significance of internal circulation.

In essence, the core of doing closed-loop e-commerce lies in two points-

The first is that the complete data link based on transaction brings efficiency improvement, that is, its advertisement is more accurate, and it knows what characteristics those people who place orders have;

Second, the extension of the value chain, including performance, makes it possible for the platform to collect taxes, and merchants are willing to contribute fees to the closed loop.

Obviously, Tencent is also greedy for the business increment brought by the closed loop. A new formulation of this financial report is "Pan-internal circulation advertising revenue linking WeChat applets, video numbers, WeChat official account and corporate WeChat landing pages", which increased by 30% year-on-year.

However, this is a difficult challenge for the video number, which is genetic in a sense-

The WeChat team is famous for its elitism within Tencent, and its prominent feature is its high human efficiency. It has been committed to doing things with fewer and more efficient people. For example, the team members of WeChat Pay are much smaller than Alipay in scale.

One of the drawbacks of elitism and focusing on human efficiency is that the WeChat team has not done dirty work.

In the past, the typical style of play was that Zhang Xiaolong launched a small team, made hard efforts and thought clearly from the top-level architecture and product mechanism, and used the super base of social interaction to pry a business sector, such as WeChat payment, applet and video number.

However, the internal circulation like e-commerce is very heavy, its chain is very long, there are many aspects of performance, the cost is extremely high, and the information flow, logistics and capital flow are intertwined and complicated, so it is difficult to solve the battle only by relying on the top-level design at the product level or the strategic level.

In a word, the video number is doing dirty work such as e-commerce and local life, and the long-term product leverage of the WeChat team will be discounted.

To get rid of this hard bone, WeChat must really sink, take the initiative to do some hard work that it didn’t want to do before, and change the tactics of promoting business based on products and strategies that have always been advantageous in the past.

So, does WeChat have this level of consideration?

The answer is that there is no very clear signal yet.

Why do you say that?

Let’s cut in from a small perspective. As an industry observer, I have a small habit when studying Tencent, that is, I go to its recruitment website to see the latest recruitment positions of various business departments. The types and quantity of these positions reflect the work focus and tendency of the business group to a certain extent from a unique angle.

I have seen 51 non-technical posts related to business in the posts recently released by WeChat business group, among which 13 are related to video numbers, which are not too many. There are many posts such as "senior strategic product manager for live broadcast with video numbers" and "senior product manager for business operation of small shops with video numbers".

It can be seen that, at least from the perspective of recruitment, the video number team has no idea of focusing on the business for the time being, and still plans to continue to promote the business through its product strategy advantages.

However, my view is different from that of the industry. I think Zhang Xiaolong is by no means a product defender who sticks to some so-called obsession.

On the contrary, his figure is quite soft, facing the business reality and being thoroughly remoulded at the business level many times-

From Foxmail to QQ mailbox, it is a change from software thinking to internet thinking, from QQ mailbox to WeChat is a change from PC thinking to mobile genes, and from the minimalist rule in the early days of WeChat to the hug algorithm now is a change in product logic.

Any one of these changes is actually a "sudden change" level, but each turn is quite silky.

Therefore, in this sense, as long as it is really necessary in business judgment, it is not an unexpected thing for WeChat and video number to change their long-standing strategies and focus on business in the next short video amount competition.

At the same time, we should also see that WeChat has its own advantages objectively.

This advantage lies in the fact that it has a set of interwoven components established by WeChat official account, applet and enterprise WeChat, which has been imperceptibly embedded in various business links of many advertisers to some extent.

This kind of embedding has a moat effect, and the migration cost is very high. For example, an education company uses enterprise WeChat as its private domain, so the link in WeChat must be the smoothest in the advertising process, which has become an important advantage of video number advertising.

In the future, VideoNo. and Tik Tok will definitely meet each other in heavier businesses such as e-commerce and local life, and the victory or defeat of the battle depends on their traffic utilization efficiency.

Tik Tok has always been data-rational, and the distribution of traffic depends on the cold ROI. Behind the inclination of traffic to e-commerce, the profit-making efficiency of e-commerce is indeed high. Tik Tok has also poured a lot of traffic into games and hardware Pico, but it turns out that the ROI of the latter two is not ideal, so it is cut off cleanly.

The traffic of the video number is the same logic. Today, the landing page is a relatively large proportion of enterprise WeChat and small programs, and if the ROI of e-commerce and local life continues to improve, it will inevitably get a traffic share that matches its efficiency.

The distribution and center of gravity of video number in the future will determine its commercial competitiveness, and it will also be an important point of competition between video number and Tik Tok in the future.

At this time today, the competition in the short video market has already entered the deep water area, and the competition on the track has become an incomparably real mixed fighting, which is worse than physique, skill, endurance and logistics, and at the same time, it has fewer mistakes than anyone.

In the short video business, the user’s migration cost is actually not as big as expected. In the end, it is based on the long-term retention and realization of content ecology and user habits.

In this sense, how far the video number can go on the short video track, what kind of ceiling it can reach, and how to differentiate itself from Tik Tok and Aauto Quicker are still the most anticipated challenges for China Internet in the next few years.

Under the background that the Internet in China has changed hands, the second half of Touteng War will still be extremely exciting. Please move the small bench ~

The "white list" withdrew from the historical stage, and the market structure of power batteries changed.

  The day before the new subsidy standard for new energy vehicles was officially implemented, the power battery market ushered in a big change.

  On June 24th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued an announcement (No.22, 2019), indicating that it decided to abolish the Specification Conditions for Automotive Power Battery Industry (hereinafter referred to as "Specification Conditions") from June 21st, 2019 (Announcement No.22, 2015 of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology), and the first, second, third and fourth batch of enterprise directories meeting the specification conditions were abolished at the same time. This means that the "white list" of power batteries for new energy vehicles, which existed in the industry for four years, was officially cancelled and withdrew from the stage of history.

  Where does the "white list" of power batteries come from, what impact will its disappearance have, and what will be the trend of the competition pattern in the power battery market? The reporter exchanged and discussed with many experts and scholars in the industry on these issues that people care about.

  Has helped the rapid development of the power battery industry.

  In 2015, when the new energy vehicle market in China was booming, a large number of independent brands launched new energy vehicles intensively. As one of the core components of new energy vehicles, the situation of power battery market at this time is not so optimistic.

  "Due to the low production threshold of low-end power batteries, stimulated by high subsidies, there are too many manufacturers in China’s automobile power battery industry, with uneven technical level and generally low technical strength." Liu Zhichao, an auto industry analyst, recalled.

  In fact, by the end of 2014, there were as many as 177 supporting manufacturers of power batteries, while the sales of new energy vehicles in 2014 were less than 75,000. At the same time, there are as many as 1,600 new energy vehicles in the Announcement of Vehicle Manufacturers and Products.

  It is not difficult to see from the huge gap between the sales volume of new energy vehicles and the types of products that many enterprises made low-priced and low-quality new energy vehicles in order to "cheat" at that time. Obviously, such enterprises can’t make a difference in the technological exploration and growth of power batteries.

  More importantly, Japanese and Korean battery companies saw the market potential of new energy vehicles in China at that time. These enterprises have long been eyeing the local market in China. In this case of "internal troubles and foreign invasion", except for a few enterprises, the vast majority of local power battery manufacturers have entered a critical moment of life and death.

  In view of this situation, in order to promote the healthy and stable development of the new energy automobile industry, on March 26th, 2015, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "Specification Conditions", clearly requiring that from May 1st, 2015, power battery enterprises should make online declaration according to the requirements of the Specification Conditions through the "Management System for Automobile Power Battery Production Enterprises". New energy vehicles can only enter the Recommended Catalogue for Promotion and Application of New Energy Vehicles if they are equipped with power batteries in the "white list", and then get subsidies.

  Subsequently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology successively released four batches of enterprise catalogues that met the "Specification Conditions", and a total of 57 enterprises were shortlisted. Since then, four batches of 57 power battery and system enterprises have entered the white list.

  Nowadays, the number of new energy vehicles in China has jumped from less than 75,000 in 2014 to an industrial pillar with an annual sales of 1.256 million vehicles. At the same time, domestic power battery enterprises also increase investment and research and development.

  "We can see that in ‘ White list ’ Under the guidance of, excellent power battery enterprises such as Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, BYD, Lishen and Funeng have emerged in the domestic power battery industry. The low-end factories that had been shoddy and sought subsidies were also forced to switch to sub-sectors such as electric bicycles, power tools, energy storage and low-speed vehicles, and domestic batteries entered an era of steady and rapid development. " Liu Zhichao said.

  Power batteries enter a new era of market competition.

  Although the "white list" of power batteries has helped the rapid growth of the power battery industry and the new energy automobile industry. However, with the development of new energy automobile industry in China, the "white list" no longer meets the development needs of the market and industry.

  “‘ White list ’ It has a strong correlation with the subsidy for new energy car purchase. As the subsidy continues to decline, the subsidy will disappear completely in 2020, and the order-oriented role of the white list will also fade away. " Liu Zhichao said, "‘ White list ’ During its existence, the policy has played a guiding role in industry norms. Local battery companies have generally reached the standard in standardized operations, and the competitive pattern within the industry has emerged. During this period, market regulation will play a greater role than policy norms. "

  He also believes that the "white list" not only protects the market share of power batteries, but also actually misses the golden time when China power batteries should make great efforts to curb the innovative research and development of power batteries by car companies to some extent.

  Nowadays, under the new market competition, the "white list" has completed its original historical mission. And its withdrawal has also become a signal of the pattern change of the power battery industry and even the new energy automobile industry.

  "The cancellation of the battery white list is a major new energy benefit, which is conducive to full competition in the industry, to the construction of a stronger industrial chain system, to the launch of new energy vehicles of international car companies in the China market, and to the reduction of costs and better battery resources of independent brands. It is a good thing to reflect the deepening of reform and opening up and greatly promote the development of the automobile market." Cui Dongshu, secretary-general of the National Passenger Car Market Information Association, said bluntly that due to the influence of the "white list", the pace of domestic new energy vehicles of some international car companies was slow, and it was also very difficult for these companies to switch to domestic batteries. Therefore, the release of battery control this time is conducive to the industrial development of international car companies in China, resulting in the "catfish effect" and promoting the new energy industry to make further progress.

  With the official cancellation of the "white list", it is generally believed in the industry that Japanese and Korean power battery enterprises will enter the China market on a large scale. With the entry of Japanese and Korean battery companies, new energy vehicle companies have more choices. An analysis report of South Korea’s securities industry also believes that in the next three years, the foreign investment of Korean power battery enterprises will reach 10 trillion won (about 58.5 billion yuan), of which nearly 40% will be invested in the China market.

  Although the involvement of Japanese and Korean power battery companies will increase the intensity of market competition, Cui Dongshu is optimistic. "In those days, mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and Motorola entered the China market, which brought great help to the construction of mobile phone industry chain in China. Similarly, the entry of foreign battery companies will stimulate the development of the domestic industrial chain, promote the technological upgrading of independent supporting products, and realize the integrated development of industries. "

The launching ceremony of China Aerospace Day in 2023 and the opening ceremony of China Aerospace Conference were held in Hefei.

  (Correspondent Zheng Yan, reporter Zhu Shengli, Wu Liangliang, Chen Wanwan, trainee reporter Lu Jiahui) On April 24th, the launching ceremony of "China Aerospace Day" in 2023 and the opening ceremony of China Aerospace Conference were held in Hefei. Han Jun, secretary of the provincial party committee, attended the ceremony to present awards to the winners of Qian Xuesen’s highest achievement award of China Aerospace Foundation, and jointly launched the event with Zhang Kejian, vice minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and director of the National Space Administration. Governor Wang Qingxian delivered a speech. Zhang Kejian delivered a speech and awarded the flag of "China Aerospace Day" to China University of Science and Technology.

  Meng Qinghai, full-time vice chairman and secretary of the Secretariat of China Association for Science and Technology, Tang Liangzhi, chairman of the CPPCC, Cheng Lihua, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee, standing committee of the provincial party committee, responsible comrades of the provincial people’s congress standing committee, the provincial government and the CPPCC, and secretary of the Party committee and president of China University of Science and Technology attended. Zhang Hongwen, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Vice Governor, presided over.

  Before the opening ceremony, Han Jun, Wang Qingxian, Tang Liangzhi, Zhang Kejian and other officials of state ministries and commissions, central enterprises and relevant guests attended the meeting to inspect the exhibition hall. Han Jun and others first came to the space science exhibition area to watch the 30 wonderful moments when China’s space industry went global, and pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the space science education of the whole people, especially young people, introduce more cultural and creative products that the masses love, and create a strong atmosphere for the whole society to support the development of space industry. The exhibition area of "Three Science and Technology Innovations Leading the Highland" focuses on the strategic and forward-looking achievements made by Anhui in the fields of deep space exploration, quantum information and fusion energy. Han Jun and others watched carefully and listened carefully, and learned more about the planning and construction of deep space science city in combination with the sand table, emphasizing the need to vigorously improve the basic research and original innovation capabilities and serve to build the national strategic scientific and technological strength. It is necessary to promote the transformation of aerospace frontier science and technology, support scientists and researchers to innovate and start businesses, and activate the aerospace science and technology value chain. It is necessary to strengthen talent support, actively build academicians and postdoctoral workstations, and vigorously attract more high-end talents. In the aerospace industry exhibition area, Han Jun and others stopped to look at the products such as Chutian ultra-low orbit remote sensing satellite and Haiying UAV, and asked about the landing of relevant projects in Anhui, pointing out that the aerospace industry chain is very long, covering materials, key components, radar, optics and other industries. I hope relevant departments and enterprises will strengthen their layout in Anhui, continuously expand their industrial scale, and work with Anhui to promote the high-quality development of the aerospace industry. Come to the air and space information exhibition area,Han Jun and others learned more about the application of space-time big data in Xinhua Earth, and experienced the space meta-universe technology with great interest, emphasizing the need to actively promote the transformation and application of space technology in the civil field. Standing in front of the booth of Anhui Innovation Research Institute of Beijing Institute of Technology, Han Jun and others listened to the introduction of Beidou vehicle positioning system, pointing out that it is necessary to promote the application of aerospace breeding, Beidou navigation system and other technologies in seed cultivation and agricultural machinery manufacturing, improve the core competitiveness of seed industry, and build intelligent, safe and high-end agricultural machinery. A number of well-known private aerospace enterprises at home and abroad gathered in the commercial aerospace exhibition area. While walking and watching, Han Jun and others had a cordial exchange with the booth staff, pointing out that it is necessary to introduce private capital, coordinate the economy and application of commercial aerospace, and vigorously promote the commercialization of aerospace technology.



  At the launching ceremony, the National Space Administration and the China Academy of Sciences jointly released the global image of China’s first Mars exploration. The scientific achievements of joint research on lunar samples of Chang ‘e-5 mission and the information that China donated lunar samples to France, China and Russia to jointly promote lunar scientific research with relevant countries were announced. The State Key Laboratory of Deep Space Exploration and the School of Deep Space Exploration of China University of Science and Technology were officially listed. The conceptual design planning of Hefei Deep Space Science City was released. The experimental star of Queqiao Tongdao Technology was officially named "Tiandu No.1" and "Tiandu No.2". 10 Hefei aerospace information industry projects were signed centrally.

  The on-site activities were splendid, and the theme propaganda film of Aerospace Day was premiered. Chen Dong, a special astronaut of China People’s Liberation Army Astronaut Brigade, Wang Chi, an academician of China Academy of Sciences, and Han Zaifen, a representative inheritor of national intangible cultural heritage and Huangmei Opera performance artist, were elected as the ambassadors of China’s space public welfare image in 2023. Leaders and experts present awards to the winners of Qian Xuesen’s Highest Achievement Award, Qian Xuesen’s Outstanding Contribution Award, Aerospace Innovation Team Award and Aerospace International Cooperation Award of China Aerospace Foundation.

  The event was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Space Administration and the Anhui Provincial People’s Government, and undertaken by the Hefei Municipal People’s Government, China University of Science and Technology and the Deep Space Exploration Laboratory. About 1,200 people attended the opening ceremony, including relevant ministries and commissions, academicians and experts in the aerospace field, representatives of universities and enterprises, and foreign guests from space agencies, international organizations, embassies and consulates in China and scientific research institutions from more than 40 countries.

Xingyue L in Bijie is on hot sale, and the latest offer is 122,200! limited in number

In car home Bijie preferential promotion channel, we have brought you a heavy discount! At present, Geely models are being promoted in Bijie, with a maximum discount of 15,000! The minimum starting price is 122,200. If you want to know more about the preferential information of Xingyue L, click the "Check Car Price" button in the quotation form to get a higher discount!

The exterior design of Xingyue L car series is fashionable and atmospheric, the front face adopts a unique family-style design, and the air intake grille is blackened, showing a strong sense of movement. The overall style is very smooth, the lines are simple and smooth, and the shape is unique, which leaves a deep impression on people. The body lines are smooth, and the front face is decorated with a large area of chrome, which is very luxurious. The side lines of the car body are smooth, and the lines of the roof are smooth. The rear of the car adopts the exhaust pipe design with two sides, which shows a strong sense of movement. The overall style is fashionable and atmospheric, which meets the aesthetic needs of young people.

As a medium-sized SUV, Xingyue L has an eye-catching design and excellent performance. The length * width * height (mm) of the car body is 4770*1895*1689, the wheelbase (mm) is 2845, and the front and rear wheel tracks (mm) are both 1610. Its tyre size is 235/50 R19, which is the same as that of tyre size before and after, which makes the vehicle have better stability and handling during driving. In addition, the car side lines of Xingyue L are smooth, simple and powerful, showing its unique aesthetic design. The rim adopts fashionable modeling and detailed treatment, which further strengthens the sense of movement of the vehicle. In a word, Xingyue L not only has excellent design, but also has excellent performance, so it is a medium-sized SUV worth considering.

The interior design of Xingyue L is simple and atmospheric, and it adopts high-quality imitation leather material, giving people a comfortable and luxurious feeling. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather, which feels comfortable and supports manual adjustment up and down and back and forth, so that the driver can find the most comfortable position conveniently. The central control screen has a size of 12.3 inches, and supports the voice recognition control system, including multimedia, navigation, telephone, air conditioning and sunroof, so that the driver can control the whole car environment more conveniently. The front seats have heating and ventilation functions, and only the driver’s seat is equipped with electric seat memory function, which is convenient for the driver’s daily use. The rear seats can be laid down in proportion to provide passengers with more space and comfort. In addition, the front and rear rows are equipped with USB and Type-C interfaces, which provide convenience for passengers to charge and connect devices. Generally speaking, the interior design of Xingyue L is practical and comfortable, with rich configuration, which provides passengers with a good driving experience.

Xingyue L is equipped with a 2.0T 218 horsepower L4 engine with a maximum power of 160kW and a maximum torque of 325N·m, and is equipped with a 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. This engine has excellent power performance and efficient fuel economy, providing an excellent driving experience for drivers. Its turbocharging technology makes the acceleration faster, and also ensures the ride comfort at low speed. The shift speed of the 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox is extremely fast, which enables the driver to control the vehicle more flexibly and enjoy a smoother driving experience. In a word, the engine performance of Xingyue L is excellent, which brings a brand-new driving pleasure to drivers.

In the eyes of car home car owners, the design of Geely Xingyue L is undoubtedly one of its most satisfactory points. He/she thinks that Geely’s latest family-style front face is very atmospheric and calm, and the sharp and straight lines make the body more tough and slender, which is an excellent design. Although the shape design of the rear part of the car is slightly unremarkable, the design of the through LED rear taillight is quite eye-catching. In addition, the car owner’s choice of Cuiyu blue paint is also quite beautiful, just like the sea in vast expanse, dazzling in the sun, steady and capable in rainy days, and its temperament is deeply rooted in the bone marrow. As he/she said, "Appearance is a matter of opinion, and what you like is good." The words of car home car owner @ Let me Kangkangkk also represent the voices of many car owners. Generally speaking, the design of Geely Xingyue L is undoubtedly one of its highlights, and I believe it will attract more car owners’ love.

Why are children addicted to the Internet? The survey said it was to escape all kinds of pressures in reality.

  What’s wrong with children with internet addiction? Parents and society are used to judging surmise from the perspective of adults, but rarely listen to the real thoughts of "Internet addiction teenagers".

  Recently, the reporter interviewed nearly 10 teenagers with relevant information. More than half of the children said that the so-called "Internet addiction" is a way for them to escape the pressure of reality.

  As early as 2005, this newspaper reported that some children were "forced" into Internet cafes by their parents. The report quoted the latest research results of experts at that time, pointing out that the bad family relationship model has become an important fuse for teenagers’ "Internet addiction". Under the "double attack" of school and family, children seeking spiritual liberation are "forced" to enter Internet cafes to drown their sorrows.

  From being "forced" into the Internet cafe to being "forced" close to the mobile phone. More than 10 years have passed, and the great progress of communication technology has made it more convenient for people to contact the internet, and it has also made the internet more attractive to children objectively. Children with internet addiction don’t need to walk into Internet cafes, so they can immediately enter the "addiction" state with a mobile phone. In September this year, Lin Lu, academician of China Academy of Sciences and president of Peking University Sixth Hospital, pointed out that half of the children have problems such as relationship with their parents, school work, attention deficit disorder, anxiety or depression behind their heavy dependence on the Internet. According to statistics, the incidence of teenagers’ over-dependence on the Internet is 6% all over the world, but it is slightly higher in China, approaching 10%.

  — — notes preceding the text of a book or following the title of an article

  Xiao Xu grabbed the mobile phone, snapped it, and lost it. In a rage, he chose to run away from home … …

  Before the Spring Festival this year, my father saw Xiao Xu, a sophomore, playing games with his mobile phone. In addition, he found that he was in puppy love, and he was so angry that he clashed with his son.

  The relationship between Xiao Xu and his parents has also broken down. He chose to run away from home, do odd jobs during the day, go to Internet cafes at night and go home occasionally. When his parents found him, the more educated he was, the more disgusted Xiao Xu was. "I don’t know why, I am very annoyed with them, and I won’t listen to what they say."

  After a long chat, Xiao Xu trusted the reporter before talking about his "life experience". He used to be a left-behind child, his parents worked in Guangzhou, and he lived in Nanchang with his grandparents. As the eldest grandson of the family, grandpa dotes on him very much, and one third of his pension is spent on him.

  It was not until he was in the second grade of primary school that his parents came back to take care of him. Xiao Xu told reporters that his parents suddenly went home, which made him uncomfortable. On the one hand, parents don’t know about their own growth and don’t know how to educate their children at all. On the other hand, they only care about their grades, and if they don’t get good grades, they will beat and scold them. The rude education method is hard for him to accept.

  In elementary school and junior high school, Xiao Xu was able to compromise, but in high school, he couldn’t agree with his parents’ ideas, and the parent-child relationship broke down.

  "I don’t have Internet addiction, that is, my personal self-control is relatively poor and I don’t want to face my parents." Xiao Xu explained.

  In the interview, the reporter found that this group of teenagers have two things in common: first, the children were identified by their parents as having "Internet addiction", but they denied it; Second, the society changes rapidly, and children grow up rapidly, but the family education concept of parents is relatively stagnant. Once the relationship between the two sides deteriorates and children choose to escape from their families, the most "convenient" channel and means is to indulge in the Internet.

  Used to be a left-behind child: only by being an anchor can you find friends.

  The thin bear’s eyes show melancholy. Although he is less than 14 years old, his voice sounds like an adult, and it doesn’t matter if he has a little Jianghu atmosphere. He said that his parents left him the deepest impression that his father came back from other places on his birthday a few years ago, and his father divorced his mother after a family of three got together and ate the birthday cake.

  He "spent his childhood quarreling with his parents". The primary school curriculum is simple, and his grades are good. In the fifth and sixth grades, he ignored his parents’ quarrels, picked up his mobile phone and played games, choosing to be isolated from the world. In junior high school, his grades dropped from the top of his class to the bottom, just like his confidence in life, which plummeted.

  In the eyes of his parents, he is a typical "Internet addiction teenager". After coming back from school, he finishes his homework, takes a nap, gets up at one or two o’clock to play with his mobile phone, plays until three or four o’clock, and then continues to sleep.

  Tinnitus, dizziness, listlessness … … Long-term overdraft health, the body lit up a red light, bear also knows that this is not appropriate, but why do you do this? He gave a surprising reason — — Make money.

  "Doing live games to make money, I want to be independent as soon as possible. I don’t have Internet addiction." He calculated an account for the reporter. After a month, he usually earned several hundred yuan and more than 1,000 yuan.

  In fact, the financial conditions of Bear’s parents are not bad. His father is a public official and his mother has a job. He usually lives with his grandmother and doesn’t have to worry about his daily expenses. Why is he so eager for money?

  "Making money is to lend money to friends." Xiao Xiong said that after his parents divorced, their academic performance was not good, and they would beat and scold him at any time. At home, he had no one to talk to. In his own words, "I can’t find a bosom friend." At this point, he couldn’t stop sobbing and then cried.

  "This society is very realistic! Since my poor academic performance, there have been fewer friends in school. " He said that although he knows that money can’t buy friends, once he doesn’t give money, the new friends will disperse and the friendship will not last long. But he also values this feeling of having friends for a while.

  Compared with going to school, the role of the game anchor attracted him more. Hundreds of people listened to his explanation, others brushed gifts for him, some paid attention to it, and some praised it. The virtual scene made him feel safe and warm.

  What is the meaning of life? Not interested in reading, he designed his own way out is to engage in the anchor industry. He said: "Being an anchor relieves my pressure, I can relax and chat, and I can make money and be satisfied."

  If parents’ attitude improves, can they study hard again? Facing this question, the bear was silent for a while and replied, "I don’t know if I can go back."

  Outsiders will mistakenly think that teenagers who are addicted to the internet will be more naive. In fact, in the course of the interview, the reporter found that some of the children, like bears, are very thoughtful and sensitive, and even show maturity beyond their age. In the final analysis, the life experience of left-behind children makes them lack love for a long time.

  Children in exam-oriented education: I don’t know how to deal with subtle emotional problems

  Handsome Hu Ningning doesn’t talk much and likes to laugh. He is a college student in a famous university in Southwest China. In the eyes of parents, he has typical symptoms of "Internet addiction". He said that he began to skip class in his freshman year, and then he didn’t understand the course, so he played games and watched cartoons in the dormitory.

  During the in-depth communication, he revealed the secret information in his heart — — He’s gay. The "Internet addiction problem" encountered also stems from a failed same-sex friend-making during college.

  "When I was in adolescence, I found that I liked the same sex. At that time, I was particularly scared. I felt that this was wrong and I kept suppressing myself." Hu Ningning said that the pace of junior high school learning was tense and he didn’t think much about it.

  When he arrived at the university, Hu Ningning joined the gay friends group, where he met a junior and began to associate. Later, the two rented a house and lived together. "I often lost my temper, stayed together for half a year, often quarreled, and finally broke up."

  He talked about this relationship, and for more than a year, he didn’t come out, waited for redemption, and considered suicide. Without a friend to talk to, he didn’t know how to deal with it, so he had to play games to avoid emotional failure.

  Indulging in games and not attending classes, the teacher also tried to persuade, but in vain, he had to call his parents. Later, he chose to take a year off school.

  "My relationship with my parents is particularly poor and conflicts often occur." Hu Ningning said that the most unbearable thing for him to lock himself in the house and play games during the day is his parents’ nagging.

  He feels that his parents have a utilitarian side. In the past, he only asked for good academic performance and was admitted to the university, so he could change his fate. Everything else didn’t matter. He doesn’t have to touch the housework, and he is not allowed to associate with students with poor grades. As long as he is immersed in his studies, everything will be fine.

  In the face of utilitarian doting, he will also please his parents with excellent grades. Invisible, he found that the price he paid was low living ability and fragile emotional problems. He lacks basic resilience rather than emotional failure.

  In this not-so-rich family, his parents set up a greenhouse to care for him, but in exchange, he hated his parents.

  Children without fatherly love: curious about the pursuit of the opposite sex

  Luo Xiao, a 15-year-old girl from Zhejiang, said, "If you don’t wear makeup, there is no point in living.". She is tall and looks seventeen or eighteen. When she was 5 years old, her parents divorced, and since then she has lived with her grandmother. In the eyes of her family, this is a difficult child to discipline.

  Her greatest pleasure lies in putting on makeup, playing live broadcast, recording small videos, interacting with friends, drinking milk tea, shopping and singing in KTV. What she can’t stand is going to school and feeling bored.

  Once, my mother was in a hurry, locked her in the house and ordered her not to go out. Luo Xiao couldn’t hold it any longer and climbed down the fourth floor from the window. "Bad girl" is a label that others once labeled her.

  Many boys in the society pursue Luo Xiao. She said, "This is a happy thing". Her criteria for choosing love are simple. She likes a boy who can take care of people and must be handsome.

  At the age of thirteen, Luo Xiao had sex with a boy for the first time. Counting, there are about 20 boys who have been in contact, ranging from two months to one or two days. At this point, her expression did not show any shyness.

  The conflict with my mother finally broke out. Mother found a group of friends, stopped Luo Xiao and pulled her to leave. Luo Xiao didn’t agree, and her mother cried and begged her to "stop fooling around outside". Luo Xiao was sitting in the car, and her mood collapsed. She shouted at her friend who was driving, "Leave her alone and run into it!"

  It’s not easy for Luo Xiao to know his mother. However, after the parents divorced, my father remarried and left her alone. My mother was busy with business and had little chance to meet each other. She was given 100 yuan pocket money every day. She never had a chance to talk with her parents, and she didn’t feel a little warmth.

  Deep down, she doesn’t agree with her mother’s discipline, for example, her mother won’t let her cross her legs, "but she can’t do it herself." Luo Xiao also tried to question his mother’s answer: "Adults can, but children are not allowed."

  Luo Xiao did not agree: "She can’t do what she wants from me. Why should I do it?"

  Girls who are addicted to the internet have almost the same life experience — — Dad has been away for a long time, lacking father’s love and social support, and they are in contact with boys with a curious attitude. Their understanding of love is vague, and they seek care from the opposite sex by imitating adults.

  (The names in this article are all pseudonyms.)

  China Youth Daily Zhongqing Online Reporter Zhang Zheng